Professional Album Management

Are you struggling to organize your snaps?  Do you have to scroll through hundreds or thousands of pictures to select the ones you need to keep in your albums? Is your photo collection cluttered and you need to free up space?

If so, you have come to the right place. We will declutter your photo collection and manually filter out duplicates and poor-quality photos. We will select the best photos for your album; you tell us how many.

Dolphins have an amazing memory. We help you keep your memories alive by organizing your snaps!

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What We Do

Generate & Share a New Digital Album

We will generate and share a fresh digital album with you, comprised of the highest quality photos from your storage. You specify the number of photos needed.

Mail Photo Book (optional)

Once you approve the new album of 'Best Photos' that we generate, we can mail you a physical photo book of these high quality pictures, professionally arranged.

Remove Blurry Photos

Motion blurs occur all the time. We will generate a new album for 'Blurry Photos' so you can review why they didn't make the cut. You are free to remove this album and/or delete these photos.

Remove Duplicate and Similar Photos

We all do this. We take five or more shots of the same pose thinking we will remove bad ones eventually. Dolphin Snaps will declutter your space by removing duplicates and similar photos. You get a 'Duplicates' album.

Remove Poor Quality Photos

We will generate a new album for ‘Poor Quality Photos’ comprised of shots with closed eyes, partial shots, blocked individuals, or just bad pictures. Feel free to remove this album & delete the pictures.

Dolphins have an amazing memory. Keep your memories alive!

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How It Works

Create album/s in
Google Photos

that you wish for us to manage for you with all your unfiltered photos. You can enter up to 10 albums per order. Example, ‘Florida Trip Album’ and ‘Joe’s Graduation 2020’.

Share with us your links for
each album in the order form

Open up each album in Google Photos, click the share link in Google and at the bottom of that dialog box, create/copy link.

Fill out rest of the
Order Form

Now please fill the rest of form and proceed to next step for payment.

Pay Invoice via

We will send you a PayPal invoice to your email address. Make payment via PayPal.