Photo Album Management

  • $10 for the first 100
    unfiltered photos per album
  • $20 for 100 to 200
    unfiltered photos per album
  • $30 for 200 to 300
    unfiltered photos per album
  • $10 for every incremental
    range of 100 photos

Print Store for Photo Books

  • Softcover Book (7-inch):

    $10.00 for 20 photos

    $0.35 for each additional photo

  • Hardcover Book (9-inch):

    $20.00 for 20 photos

    $0.65 for each additional photo

  • Standard Shipping: $8.00

Photo Management at Affordable Pricing

Have you ever been scrolling through the thousands of photos on your device and thought, "I wish I could hire someone to organize my pictures"? Now you can! Dolphin Snaps is a picture management website that employs photo managers who organize, streamline and declutter your photos to free up your storage and save you time. If this is something that interests you, you are now probably thinking, "How much should I pay someone to organize my photos?" Dolphin Snaps offers competitive pricing that includes a number of services including: Duplicate and Blurry Photo Removal, Poor Quality Photo Removal and Photo Book Arranging.

So how much does it cost to hire a photo organizer? Our pricing structure is easy to understand. We charge by the number of photos you need organized in increments of 100. So it doesn't matter if you only need a few photos organized, or you need someone to sift through thousands of images, our photo management services are priced accordingly. Once your order is placed and paid for, we'll deliver your photos back in easy to view albums. In addition to your requested number of best photos, you'll also be able to browse the photos that were removed before choosing to delete these albums and free up space.